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 Our PWC & Boat lifts are not only for Personal Water Craft, but they also have the flexibility to be used with small fishing boats, sailboats, paddle boats, canoes and kayaks. We set the standard. Our lifts feature a distinctive design that is engineered for strength and dependability


We oversize all of our winches for extra safety and easy cranking. 
Durable zinc plating resists rust better than a painted winch.


One piece design works better than independent pulleys, results in longer cable life, and shields your boat from any contact with the cable..


Gently support the 
bottom of your boat.


Come standard on all of our Personal Watercraft Lifts. 
Longer length legs are available for deep water. Legs can be removed for shallow water.

Lifts & Hoists
For Marine Applications
Please call us for info on any of these Lifts!! 315-391-9213
Please call us for info on these Lifts!! 315-391-9213
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South Shore Nautical
  Hoist Brand

"Lake Shore"

We carry PWC lifts & also larger hoists for pontoon & bigger boats
We have canopy's for hoists 

Get Two Lifts !!
We carry the larger Hoists also.
Call and give us your Boat
We sell "Hoist Jacks" wheel kits so you don't have to carry your hoists out in the water, you just roll them out easy.
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Ten/Two Year Limited Warranty 

LSP, Inc. (Seller) warrants the aluminum structure on docks and lifts of its manufacture to be free from defects caused by material or workmanship for ten years from date of purchase. Seller will, at its option, repair or replace any such goods found on examination by Seller to be defective under normal use and service. Upon discovery of any such defect, Buyer must notify Seller in writing of defect and provide proof of purchase. Seller warrants all other materials including cast aluminum parts, mechanical components, hardware, canopy covers, cables, bunks, etc for two years. Components obtained from other manufacturers and used in Seller’s products will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and shall not be the responsibility of the Seller. Seller’s responsibility under this warranty shall be the repair or replacement of defective items. Seller is not liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind. Seller shall not be held responsible for repairs or modifications to its docks or lifts unless authorization has been obtained from Seller. This warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect assembly or adjustments, overloading, improper use, neglected maintenance, alterations, or damage caused by accident, environmental factors (chemicals, tree sap, salt, etc), or acts of God (rainstorms, windstorms, tornadoes, etc).

PWC Lifts!!
Vertical PWC lifts allow maximum lift height and take up less space.
1500 lb. capacity
Craft is safe high above waves with a lift height of 56", perfect for fluctuating water
Optional electric winch, canopy, front bow stop or aluminum/poly UltraBunks

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We carry
Super Strong Lifts

Turn off tunes
Great Rack
Our brand new Kayak Launch boasts a simple-yet-effective design that allows you to launch kayaks from your dock and mount them for later use with one easy-to-install dock attachment.
Watch Video about
the Kayak Launch
Watch a Video about
a Kayak Launch
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This summer, escape to a new Otter Island Swim Raft! The swim raft is the perfect summer-long vacation for the kids, grandkids or adults! This deluxe polyethylene swim raft includes ideal features such as backrests, a pop-up table and a pontoon style bottom for ultimate stability!

Tough & Weatherproof, Roto-Molded Polyethylene Construction
Foam Filled Entire Body
Recessed Reflectors on All Sides
Non-Slip Surface
4 Molded-in Anchor Attachment Points (on raft bottom)
Molded-in Handles (around entire raft bottom)
Multi-Angle Back Rests (also lay flat)
Storage Space Beneath Back Rests
Pop-Up Table with Beverage Holders (also lays flat)
Folding Aluminum Ladder
Rounded Corners
Dimensions: 10 Ft. Long x 8 Ft. Wide
Weight: 300 Pounds
Weight Capacity: 3,000 Pounds
Options Available: Seat Cushions, Umbrella, Anchor and More
Available Raft Body Colors: Beige or Yellow
Available Seat/Table Colors: Green or Blue

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