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This summer....escape, to Otter Island !! Our 8 x 10 Ft water & swim raft is the perfect summer-long vacation for the kids, grandkids, or a relaxing vacation for any adult! Loaded with incredible features Otter Island's unique raft features blows away any other raft on the market!! Features Multi-Angle Back Rests and Pop-Up Table. Dimensions: 8 Ft Long x 10 Ft Wide. Weight: 300 LBS / Weight Capacity: 3000 LBS.  Call today for an order!! 315-391-9213

GET ON THE BANDWAGON! This all new action towable for 4 riders features a reduced-drag nose design for effortless towing that virtually eliminates nose diving at startup. The innovative new seating arrangement allows you to sit forward, backward, kneeling or laying down for whatever style of ride you're craving. Now there's room for the whole gang with the all-new BANDWAGON 2+2 from SPORTSSTUFF! Features: * High Visibility Custom Graphics * Exclusive Reduced Drag Nose Design * Heavy-Duty Full Nylon Cover with Zipper * Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladders * High-Back Recumbent Mesh Seating * Aluminum Quick Connect Tow System * Custom Sure Grip Handles * EVA Foam Knee and Knuckle Guards * Patented Speed Safety Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation * Self Bailing Drain Vents 
Skill Tubing is a challenging new experience, not just another towable that you simply hang on to. The TEAM SLALOM is a new Doable; a controllable towable that you can maneuver, slalom, jump, veer, and do a combination of moves through the boat wake or crest in a straight-line boat pattern. Doables are PATENT PENDING new shapes that have less drag with smaller footprints for reduced gas consumption. A new PATENT PENDING bottom "VEER" tow system, combined with strategically located extra large PATENT PENDING Tiger Tooth Fins enable the rider to control the Team Slalom in various shoe-lace type moves. Skill is acquired via multiple riding attempts. You will learn that slaloming is achieved by leaning left or right away from the boat. As you gain balance and the ability to maneuver, you will have plenty of spills and chills. All riders, boat drivers and spotters are novices. Start slowly at reduced speeds until you gain confidence, then create your own thrilling ride. Features: Patent Pending VEER Towing System - Strategically placed PATENT PENDING Tiger Tooth Steering Fins - PVC Bladder - Heavy-Duty Full Nylon Cover with Zipper - Patent Pending Aluminum Quick Connect Tow Point - Multiple Grab Handles with Knuckle Guards - Patented Speed Safety Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation 
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Our standard Lateen sails at $225.00 
These popular sails fit a wide variety of lateen rigged boats including:
The Sunfish and the original Sailfish, Aquafin, Phantom (now the Pointer 14), Scorpion, Playfish.  (They will also fit the Super Porpoise but be about 10sqft small.)

2011 Pricing: $225.00

We carry Sunfish sails!!!
Order today for your favorite color

These sails are recreational sails and are popular for all the above boats and commonly used by sailing clubs, schools, summer camps as well as sailors world-wide.

**Note that these sails are NOT class approved sails for the International Sunfish Class Association (ISCA)


84.75 sqft. 

Luff: 13.33 

Leech: 14.5 

Foot: 13.3 

Material and Build Specifications

3.8oz Polyester** in colors 

Call us anytime to order one!
Only available
April thru November 1st 

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